Welcome to Lan2Lan - if you can see this page were up and streaming - Live Binaural Audio - Headphones required!

This is an on-test website using the raspberry Pi computer, the link to the left should open up a file from the shoutcast server - if you have winamp installed it should start to play the stream - or go to shoutcast.com and search "Binaural" and you should see us listed there. This will not be broadcasting all the time, perhaps just at the weekends when I have time to do it

It is a very small computer running Debian squeeze

If you can access this site -it's up and running on the mobile network streaming audio to http://myradiostream.com/3dsound BUT.... I have my main PC relaying the stream from the Pi to it, until I can figure out how to get the Pi to stream directly to the main server on myradio stream web servers. The link in the side bar is a direct link to the Pi - this would effect the streaming to a server though, due to bandwidth of the Mobile Broadband dongle upload limmits


Should work with Internet explorer/firefox/chrome with the correct plugins - Enjoy your stay!

Below is an image of my Raspberry Pi... and Jimmy the Magpie

my pi