Welcome to awi3d.plus.com - The first live streaming binaural dummy head on the Internet? (we've been streaming to locus sonus for several years using our binaural dummy head!) if you can see this page we are (should be) up and streaming - Live Binaural Audio - Headphones required!

Above (if live) is an experimental live stream using a raspberry pi computer, a HikVision 4MB ip camera Teradek Cube (255) and an SR3Di USB binaural microphone. Please reduce the volume on your headphones to about 30%!!! (yes that low! or just about under half volume for the best binaural experience if you have slightly poorer hearing).Unfortunatley the teradek cube hasaudio issues that inject an audio 'pop' every few seconds, which seems tobe noticed if you are using Firefox browsers, Google Chrome appearsto be free of this effect and also on YouTube playback once the live stream is over and isstored on YouTube..no idea why. I am looking for alternitive ways to stream 24/7 without the expensive Teradek Cube issues!

If the stream isn't shown, it maybe due to the time of day, or other reason, but you can always listen to 'Frank' in the garden 24/7/365 or here 24/7/365 if there's no network issues! or other reasons, like maintenance or what have you

Both main raspberry pi computers are streaming binaural audio from an SR3Di USB binaural microphone, one embeded into a dummy head (the other in a spare room) for extra 'external perception', when played back through headphones the sound experienced is that as if you were there - for example, if a bird where to land on the dummy head, and you were listening to that through headphones, it would appear that the bird had landed on your head!... the link to the left should open up a Icecast server web page to listen to the live 24/7 stream

The "Raspberry Pi" is a very small computer running an image downloaded from here:


Cirrus Logic audio card Image link

This binaural audio stream in my back garden is part of a global open mic network initiated and hosted by locus sonus

locus sonus link

Below is an image of my Raspberry Pi in the back garden, with "Frank the binaural microphone"

my pi

my pi

my pi

PHOTO BELOW: Onvif IP camera - 720p - not too bad at night, this is a cheap Chinese one that cost 25UKP inc postage from China! can you spot Frank?

Onvif CCTV IP 720p Camera

Quick video update below... but then you will already know this if you are reading this... :/

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Below are my darkice.cfg settings

# this section describes general aspects of the live streaming session


duration = 0

bufferSecs = 5

reconnect = yes

# this section describes the audio input that will be streamed


device = plughw:1,0

sampleRate = 48000

bitsPerSample = 16

channel = 2


bitrateMode = vbr

bitrate = 256

format = vorbis

quality = 0.8

server = streaming_server.com # could be just your PC/linux box, running icecast

port = 9001

password = password

mountPoint = liverpool_ormskirk

name = 3D binaural audio

description = 3D binaural audio test # description of the stream

url = http://locus.creacast.com:9001/liverpool_ormskirk

genre = Ambient

public = yes

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